The biggest, chubbiest little bundle of joy you've ever seen

The Problem with Pants

on August 30, 2013


My son has a big problem. There are no pants that fit him. The tyranny of our culture says that when a baby is 6-9 months old he will be able to fit into a certain size and when he is 12-18 months old he will inevitably have long legs. Owen unfortunately does not have long legs and thus, cannot wear pants. We have plus size for adults. Where’s the fat baby store?   So yes, I am that mom with the kid in just a onesie at Target….and the park….and Church…and the opera. (Owen’s very cultured) His two pairs of pants consist of 18 month-old board shorts that end up looking kind of like man-pris and the pair above, some hand-me-downs from a friend with a very nicely worn out waistband stretched just enough to accommodate a very big tummy.  But, alas, when the pants come on we encounter a new problem: shirts.



5 responses to “The Problem with Pants

  1. Great Aunt Kathy says:

    He is so adorable! I just want to kiss him! Your blog is great, Liz!

  2. Katherine says:

    this is too cute liz 🙂 I mean Kyle didn’t want him to wear pants anyway right? you may be stuck with shorts/manpris for a while. or you could try babylegs (cute baby legwarmers that are stretchy) plus onezies when it grts cooler out

  3. Sue says:

    So now you know why I bought all onesies for him…I remember his daddy and uncle! Ha ha

  4. Phyllis Hatt says:

    With a smile like that—–who cares what he’s wearing!
    I really do feel sorry for you as I know you want him to be a well-dressed baby, but eventually his measurements will fit the sizes–honest!! He’s such a cutie.

  5. Bernice Mettenbrink says:

    I am so glad the young woman who married my nephew has an adorable sense of humor. Liz, you fit into the Ludvik family perfectly.

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